Dresses are definitely something that work well post mastectomy.  I’m not sure I feel that way because it was my clothing preference before or because I find it easier with my chest. Either way, there are plenty of great options in the dress department.

  • Dresses that have a looser fabric and are higher sitting are the best option.
  • Patterns tend to work better than a block colour as they distract from the area, although darker block colours also work well.
  • Because you are often going high at the neck (which can be annoying and repetitive) look for dresses that have open backsl, off the shoulder with a ruffle feature or another feature to accentuate your assets.
  • Also make sure when choosing the dress, that you check it doesn’t gape too much under the arms.  This can make your scars visible and you feel self conscious.
dress baldy wedding
Zara dress
Boho Australia Dress Autumn 2016

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in what you choose to wear and can let go and stop focusing on how it looks.

Below is a dress that worked well for me.  It is high, patterned and the fabric is loose enough not to hug my scars.  It also doesn’t gape too much at the sides and makes me feel pretty!

Witchery dress Autumn 2015