Seafolly Mesh Cap Sleeve Summer 2015

Swimwear and swimming is really difficult post breast cancer – I hated choosing Swimwear!! For the first year, I avoided swimwear completely and made one excuse after another to my children why I couldn’t swim. I didn’t want to do that forever though – initially I just wasn’t ready.

So when I realised I really wanted to be out there swimming with my kids I headed out to find something! The first bikini I bought suited my chest perfectly. It was a bandeau with a ruffle which could be worn strapless like below or with a halter string. The problem with it for me was that it actually hurt when I wore it as the elastic pressed on the tender parts of my chest and I was forever worried it was going to fall down (which is why I mostly wore it with the halter string). I wore it a few times and felt very proud of my first attempt at choosing swimwear.  seafolly ruffle bandeau

Seafolly Shimmer Laser Cut Mini Tube

I knew that there were other styles out there that could also suit us ladies, so I kept exploring. Just recently, I realised there is a lot of hope for us in the swimwear department. It doesn’t have to be the mastectomy swimmers that are on the market. Nearly every swimmer these days allow for inserts or removals of pads. What I found also is that they make a waterproof prosthesis (if you want to wear those) or simple waterproof pads which you can insert as you wish. I found a one piece swimsuit that covered more of my shoulders and made me feel more secure and confident. There are plenty of these on the market.

seafolly meshSeafolly mesh cap sleeve

I am certain that each and every one of you can find mainstream swimwear which is still stylish and fashionable, that will allow for your mastectomy. It will take a bit of time to find, but when you are feeling confident enough, it will be worth the search.