Welcome to Leave Me Breastless

Welcome to the launch of Leave Me Breastless – a blog dedicated to fashion for women who have survived or are going through breast cancer!

2 1/2 years ago I found myself exactly that – breastless. I remember the moment I walked into the bathroom after having the dressing removed on my second mastectomy. I was about to have my wound checked by the surgeon but I needed to have a private look first. I knew it was going to make me emotional and I didn’t want to break down in front of her. I had lived 6 months without one breast, but there was still a breast (as unattractive as I thought it was) but still it was there. I knew this mastectomy would be different. It would be shocking to me, despite the fact that it was what I had chosen to do and totally what I wanted.

I was right. It was a tough thing to see for the first time. As I stared in the mirror, I couldn’t believe how different my body looked with both breasts gone. I was happy that it was done, but I knew that emotionally more than physically, I would need to give myself healing time to get used to these enormous body changes and what it meant for me as a woman.

For a long time, and perhaps even now, I have joked about the benefits of having no breasts. I can save money now by only buying bikini bottoms! Awesome! I never need to buy a bra again! Ha! But the truth is, it is really hard on your self esteem living in this day and age without something that society puts so much value on as far as feminine beauty.    After all, the amount of women getting breast augmentations has tripled over the last decade, so what is that saying about the importance of breasts in the minds of so many women.

I have explored the options for breast reconstruction and have decided that it is not for me. The hardest part with that choice however, is that I still want to feel feminine and beautiful in clothes, as I know all women who choose not to have a reconstruction would want to feel. This is where my blog steps in…

Aptly named, Leave Me Breastless is a Blog dedicated to helping all those brave women out there who have lost their breasts, look and feel fantastic with their new chest. Whatever stage of your journey, I hope to be able to share experiences with you as I endeavor to feel as feminine and beautiful in clothes as I did when I had breasts. As often as I can, I will share with you clothes that I find, tips that I pick up and ideas that I have about fashion for flat chested women. Eventually, someone might even design us a range that breasted women will want to wear!

Finally, for any of you out there struggling with feeling beautiful without breasts, I want you to join me in saying this daily mantra.

“I am Breastless and Beautiful.”

I can’t wait to start our journey together, finding fabulous fashion for beautiful breastless women.


Love, Gen