Walk In Their Shoes!

While I am happy with the path I took by having both my breasts removed, it doesn’t stop my mind from wondering what it would be like if I had taken another. I have to be honest – from time to time, I find myself wishing that I had boobs again. Maybe because i’m starting … More Walk In Their Shoes!

Meet Miss December!

This weekend has been so exciting for me as the So Brave 2018 Calendar, in which I am the December model, was launched. What I didn’t expect was how emotional the launch night would make me feel. On reflection, it was really an amazing opportunity both for breast cancer awareness but also for personal healing. … More Meet Miss December!

Celebrate Motherhood!

Who would have ever thought that I would be nearly 40, breastless and featuring in an artistic body paint photo shoot? Certainly not me!! It’s funny, when you’re a child you have a fairly clear vision of how your life is going to pan out and then…. it can end up so differently from what … More Celebrate Motherhood!

Find Your Xena!

It was nerve-racking but exhilarating for me last week as I took myself (and my feet) out of my comfort zone. I, along with 10 other girls of whom I knew 5, ventured down to Angourie to begin a 3 day Yuraygir Coastal Walk . I must admit, part of me was looking for an … More Find Your Xena!

Healing Power Of Pets

Well it has all been happening in our household over the last few weeks as we have welcomed a beautiful beaglier puppy ‘Rusty’ into our family. He has brought a joy to our family that I never imagined he could. While in many ways it feels like we have another baby in the house, he … More Healing Power Of Pets