The Upside Of Being Breastless – Yes There Are Many!

Taking time to unwind is so important in our busy lives and this weekend I have done just that. My husband and I enjoyed some quality time together in Sydney, celebrating a beautiful wedding and catching up with friends we don’t see nearly enough. It has done wonders for the soul and I am ever so grateful once again to Tamra for sharing this moving blog with you all today…..

As we head into the winter months, my first time to tackle winter dressing in my newly found breastless state, I have realised that this is actually an awesome time to be sans boobs 😉.

In the past, having been a D or DD cup I always disliked the extra “bulk” that winter dressing gave me …. goodness knows I didn’t need any extra bulk up top!! I would always shy away from high necks, cable knits, jackets with heavy lapels, scarves, layering and loose fits. All of these things only served to make me look bigger than I actually was.

Thinking this through has reminded to me, that all of us – whether we are short or tall, thin or chubby, athletic or stocky, curvaceous or fine, all have parts of our bodies that we prefer to hide or highlight. I know in the past I dressed to accentuate my big boobs & smallish waist, while attempting to navigate the eye away from my round bottom and heavy set hips. So now, I approach dressing for my breastless state with the same practical approach ….. highlight the positives and accept the challenges.

Here are some current styles that I think would work wonders for the breastless chest.

Forever New Jess Coat

Forever New Coat
Forever New Jess Coat

Uniqlo Cashmere Sweater

Bardot Kora Biker Jacket

Country Road Multi Check Poncho

country road 2
Country Road Multi Check Poncho

Country Road Quilt Puffer Vest

Witchery scarf (25% off ends today)

witchery scarf
Witchery Paisley Floral Scarf

So with this in mind, as I head into my first winter minus boobs, I am excited to embrace the items I used to avoid. I guess I will do my best to always remember that we all have bits of our bodies we wish to highlight and wish to downplay.  This winter I am going enjoy all the upsides of dressing breastless 😉.

Tamra xo

Have a wonderful week breastless beauties. I look forward to showing you some more wonderful styles next week.

I am breastless and beautiful.

Love, Gen x