It’s Ok To Take A Break!

Have you ever felt like it was all too much and everything was getting on top of you? For me, that time is now. I have reached nearly half way through the year and I barely feel like I’ve come up for air. And it comes as a surprise to me really, as I normally love leading a busy life. But right now, everything seems to be overpowering me – work, housework, washing, kids, puppy, you name it! There is not a moment in my day when I feel like I have a chance to relax and reflect on my wonderful life.

So I guess I have to admit this, as I feel it has started to come across in the way I am. I am not nearly the best version of myself that I want to be and I don’t like that. I am not saying that it’s all the time, but right now I feel like I’m a crabby mum, a cranky wife and an absent friend. But what I need to concede is that it’s not because I’m a bad person – it’s because I’m barely coping with my responsibilities and that’s sending me to the edge; I need to find a solution.

It can certainly be incredibly hard to admit, especially when you are someone who likes to see themselves as having it altogether and being able to cope with a frantic lifestyle. No one wants to feel like a failure or a weak person but its times like these that I think we need to acknowledge and realise that we need take a break, take stock and simplify our lives.

Since starting this blog six months ago, without a doubt my life has been the most fulfilling I can remember. I have loved giving 100% of my energy to something that is so unbelievably important to me. But in giving my energy to this new venture, I have inevitably been taking away energy from other parts of my life. We are after all, only human and at some point, something has to give. I think in life that we have to constantly re-evaluate what’s working and what’s not and that is why I have made this decision to have a little ‘annual leave’ from my weekly ‘Leave Me Breastless’ blog.

Right now, even though I would love to give it all of my time and energy, I have other commitments in my life that are also important. I feel I have lost a bit of zing and want to look after myself to ensure that comes back, because I honestly love bringing you the best fashion advice I can for breastless women. And surprisingly, just by saying out loud that I don’t think I’m quite coping with all the different aspects of my life at the moment, takes an instant weight off my shoulders.

I can say with a fair bit of certainty that I think this is something that I wouldn’t be experiencing alone. No doubt most of you are feeling overwhelmed in one or more aspects of your life and I guess what I want you to understand is that it’s absolutely okay to have a break. I think it is crucial for us to make sure we are ok mentally and physically in order to give 100% to those around us in all aspects of our lives. It takes courage to do this though because if you’re anything like me, you don’t like to disappoint.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally disappearing. You will still get fashion tips and outfit suggestions posted to my Facebook and Instagram pages, I will just be pressing the pause button on my blog writing and photoshoots for a while (no doubt Don & Ness will appreciate the break too!).

Today I want to share with you some great options from Adrift. Adrift have a range of comfortable and stylish clothes that suit all kinds of figures. Pictured here are some wonderful dresses and a top which mix print and texture to distract the eye from the breastless chest and anything else we want to hide. They have a lot of other great options on their website Adrift. Stay tuned in the coming days with a special from Adrift just for Leave Me Breastless readers.

Adrift Ivy Top


Adrift Aarna Dress

Adrift Benito Dress in Mini Floral Print

Adrift Benito Dress in Navy

Adrift Bella Dress in Maharaja Print

I’m also wearing the fabulous Coco Block Heel from Ms Mel so check them out for some great quality, stylish footwear options.

Ms Mel Coco Block Heel in Black

But have no fear, without knowing exactly when, I will back with all guns ablazing. I am already excited about what the future may hold for Leave Me Breastless. I will return reenergised and invigorated – ready to take on new challenges and bring you great fashion!

In the meantime, always remember that you are beautiful, breastless or not.

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Have a wonderful week,

Love Gen x