Meet Miss December!

This weekend has been so exciting for me as the So Brave 2018 Calendar, in which I am the December model, was launched. What I didn’t expect was how emotional the launch night would make me feel. On reflection, it was really an amazing opportunity both for breast cancer awareness but also for personal healing. Through having a full body paint, we were out of our comfort zones and were thrown in to relive, reflect and process many of the experiences from our cancer journey. As the founder Rachelle said so poignantly, we were brave, not because we chose to be but because we had no other choice. To celebrate the final product and everything we have been through, is a big deal and is worthy of celebration.

One of the big highlights for me was meeting the other models who in my eyes are amazing, inspirational women and oh So Brave!! I guess it’s fair to say that in my day to day life, I don’t know many other women who are just like me or who had been through what I have been through. I didn’t know how it would make me feel meeting all the other ladies but what I felt straight away was that there was a sense of comfort in coming together, sharing our stories and knowing that we are not alone in what we have gone through.

But in having this community, it can often be touched with sadness. One of our beautiful model’s Nyrie recently lost her battle and when this happened on 7th July this year, it broke me. How can you be a part of such an amazing venture and then just not be here? It was a clear reminder to us that cancer is real.  I felt so sad that I did not get a chance to meet her but I know I did through her amazing husband, Wade. I didn’t know this woman, but I have shared something with her and I feel a real sense of loss at her passing.

So today I dedicate this blog to Nyrie and promise that I will not give up this cause. You Nyrie, are the perfect reason that it is totally worth repeatedly bringing about awareness to women of the real risks of breast cancer. I will continue to be a voice that may result in an early detection and hopefully at least one less death.

Check your boobs!

So I guess you could say that you Nyrie, have given me back my purpose. I wish you hadn’t, I wish you didn’t have to but I have to use this terrible and devastating moment to remind people to be breast aware, be vigilant with breast checks and  not be complacent if you notice change.

Check out this beautiful memory of Nyrie

I am grateful for the So Brave organisation for bringing back the confidence in so many young women who have experienced breast cancer, as well as doing the important job of raising awareness in those young women who are at the prime of their lives and really need to know their body. I am also thrilled to have met some awesome women who I now consider friends.

I even have my scar sister for life, Ana, who I am excited about the prospect of sharing clothes with.

The calendar comes with great tips for checking your breasts and a monthly reminder to ‘Feel them on the 5th’. Buy a copy today for $30 at or contact me for more details.


Today, I am so grateful that I beat breast cancer. I am so happy to be alive!

I want to share with you this stunning Kookai dress that I wore to the So Brave launch. It is the perfect dress for the breastless chest. It is patterned with a gorgeous off the shoulder frill detail which hides the fact that I have no breasts perfectly. I felt totally breastless and beautiful on Friday night and I loved sharing the night with my mum!


I am breastless and beautiful,

Love, Gen xx