Find Your Silver Lining!

In my earlier blogs I’ve touched briefly on how there are benefits to having no chest and while I mentioned these in jest, there really can be things that you can target and totally dominate in the fashion department. Being flat chested (while it sometimes doesn’t serve us well) can in fact be a good thing and that is the part we should focus on and get excited about.

It amazes me how many outfits are actually perfect for women with no breasts. The main one that springs to mind is the backless dresses/tops/jumpsuits. Unless you’ve had implants, most women can’t do backless dresses. In fact, I think I used to look at them and wish that I could wear them but I always worried about how I was going to support my breasts. My sister who is well-endowed just laughs at the idea of them. So it can be exciting when you look at things as options that you’ve never been able to consider before, as they work fantastically on breastless women and are often quite striking.

Also when you’re about to put on any item of clothing without a bra, it can actually be a wonderful thing. No tight bra strap marks, no sweaty chest in summer, there are so many great things about being braless, not to mention the money you can save on buying them. Tops and dresses that go up high to the neck or halter neck tops are another thing that women with large breasts find difficult to wear as they feel it makes their chest look even bigger, so these are items that are perfect for us. It’s like we work in opposites with the big chested women and that’s perfect because it takes all sorts to make the world go round.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things that I used to love to wear that I can no longer wear (the V neck especially which I mentioned last week). Not wearing strapless or tight clothing is something I also miss but you get to totally explore new options. It’s like being given a new figure which in some ways can be really exciting. In talking to Tamra, who I referred to last week, she mentioned that she was a D or DD so she could never ever leave the house without a bra and only ever wore a strapless bra if her life depended on it (hahaha). She also mentioned that loose flowy things only made her look bigger, so she can now explore many different clothing options without breasts, which is a novelty for sure at this stage of her journey.

I think the most touching thing she said to me – and this totally goes with my motto – is that “if we look really hard, we can often see silver linings in our adversity”. She has found plenty, as have I. Breastless women just need to approach shopping the same way we always have, dress for our assets and deal with the dodgy bits as best we can. Our chest is just one of the parts of our bodies we need to cater for and sometimes it’s a good thing, other times, not so great but that’s what all women have to deal with, unless they are a 6 foot model.

I’m just going to share with you now some of the backless numbers that I have successfully worn breastless over the last 3 years. There will be more to come.


I also have a new dress which I’m excited to wear this weekend. It is feminine and flattering and a perfect dress to wear for Spring.

Jaase Lola Dress

It is a floral pattern with the added bonus of a frill which are two great features for distracting the eye from the chest area. It also has a gorgeous frill feature and is open at the back of the dress which is perfect for us as we don’t have to wear a bra.
This dress is the Lola Dress by Jaase and can be purchased online at

Jaase Lola Dress and many other Jaase stockists.

I picked mine up from a little boutique in Sawtell and was surprised about how affordable it was at $79.99.

I love wearing this dress!



I am breastless and beautiful.

Gen x