Healing Power Of Pets

Well it has all been happening in our household over the last few weeks as we have welcomed a beautiful beaglier puppy ‘Rusty’ into our family. He has brought a joy to our family that I never imagined he could. While in many ways it feels like we have another baby in the house, he has a presence which makes us all feel loved and secure. He has revealed the soft sides in all of us and has taught the kids a valuable lesson of having to put others before themselves.

After never being brought up with a dog (my family had one and when it died they had me hahaha), I guess you would say that I’ve never really been a ‘dog’ person. It certainly surprises me just how smitten I am with my little boy and I can’t imagine life without him. It has also made me stop and realise how nice it is to sit peacefully with company by your side. In my days that always seem to be full of stuff to do, it only takes a minute sitting in the serenity of the day with Rusty to bring me back to a calm and grounded state. I definitely feel like that’s something I need to start fostering in my life. Here is our Rusty…


Dogs have been have known to have a therapeutic effect on human beings, especially the elderly and those going through illness by improving their emotional and social well-being. It makes me think about those people going through cancer treatments and how beneficial pets could be during this time. I never had a pet during my cancer journey but in many ways, I wish I had. Isn’t it true that anything that can reduce your stress levels has to be a good thing for your body and its recovery?

And like being old, cancer can be a lonely experience at times. Even though you are surrounded by people who love and support you, it’s only your body that is going through everything. Other people are still functioning in normal ways and this in itself can be unintentionally isolating. The thing about a pet is that they don’t have to get up and do the things that the people supporting you are doing. They are just there for you as a loyal friend by your side. When you are too unwell to function, they are a welcome distraction and can make you feel that you always have company – company that doesn’t need conversation or to use up your energy. They are simply a comforting presence in an otherwise solitary reality.

So whether it be with or without a pet, in our ever busy lives, I encourage you to take some time out of each day to stop, breathe and appreciate being alive. We can quickly forget how precious life is and it is a beautiful daily routine to create to help keep you grounded and grateful.

A brand that has caught my eye recently for their simplicity and vivacious prints is Mister Zimi. Here I am in vibrant and fun Mister Zimi top.

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Mister Zimi unashamedly marches by the beat of its own drum. The brand is diverse, ageless and not dictated to by trends while keeping their designs versatile, trans-seasonal and classic styles. Here are a number of their designs which would be perfect for breastless women. They use their unique fabrics in each of their classic styles so you can mix and match to see what suits you best. I love the energy and vitality these items exude.

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Have a wonderful week.

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I am breastless and beautiful.

Love, Gen xx