Alone We Are Strong – Together We Are Stronger!

Today marks six months of Leave Me Breastless and what an exciting time it has been. Never for a minute did I think that my idea to make women feel breastless and beautiful would be so well received by the wider community. I am so truly grateful for the opportunity this has given me to meet some inspirational and strong women who have been on a journey similar to mine. In fact, while I knew I wasn’t alone and there would certainly have been women out there experiencing my issues, I actually didn’t personally know one woman who was living with a double mastectomy. This is true.

I was pretty much going out on a limb assuming that other women would have been experiencing difficulty dressing like me, but I was basing it all on my own personal struggle. It really was affirming to know that I was not alone and that together we could all help each other in some small way.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs, we all have areas of weakness. No one escapes trials and tribulations in their life but sometimes we just need to find the people who share our weakness so we don’t feel so alone. Feeling supported makes a world of difference in recovering from the hardships we face. As the old saying goes, ‘A burden shared is a burden halved.’ And in this past six months, I know that my burden has more than halved. I have met some incredibly brave women who have inspired me to keep going on this path. While I feel like I am helping them, in many ways they too are making me feel supported on my journey of being breastless and beautiful. For that I am enormously grateful.

Not only is this a milestone for Leave Me Breastless but it also marks 3 years exactly since I became completely breastless. With a touch of sadness, it does now feel quite normal for me to live without breasts and I am absolutely passionate about making lemonade out of lemons.

So I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for believing in Leave Me Breastless and for spreading the love to help me find all of those breastless women who need not feel alone on their breastless journey.

If I can ask two things of you today, it is firstly to check your breasts and secondly, to share this blog however you can to help it reach as many breastless women as possible. I personally have no means of reaching every breastless woman out there, but working together we can reach a wider community. You could be the difference in someone’s day.

Today I am proud to showcase the brand Decjuba. They are a fabulous female led organisation which employs over 600 women. I connect with them because their philosophy is to make every woman look and feel amazing and that is what Leave Me Breastless is all about. I have managed to mix and match the following fantastic pieces.

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Have a wonderful Easter spending memorable times with those you love. Appreciate every minute of being alive on this wonderful earth. We are much luckier than some.

I am breastless and beautiful.

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Love, Gen