Celebrate Motherhood!

Who would have ever thought that I would be nearly 40, breastless and featuring in an artistic body paint photo shoot? Certainly not me!! It’s funny, when you’re a child you have a fairly clear vision of how your life is going to pan out and then…. it can end up so differently from what … More Celebrate Motherhood!

Find Your Xena!

It was nerve-racking but exhilarating for me last week as I took myself (and my feet) out of my comfort zone. I, along with 10 other girls of whom I knew 5, ventured down to Angourie to begin a 3 day Yuraygir Coastal Walk . I must admit, part of me was looking for an … More Find Your Xena!

Healing Power Of Pets

Well it has all been happening in our household over the last few weeks as we have welcomed a beautiful beaglier puppy ‘Rusty’ into our family. He has brought a joy to our family that I never imagined he could. While in many ways it feels like we have another baby in the house, he … More Healing Power Of Pets

Soak Up The Goodness!

The past week has seen some of the horrendous weather conditions that natural disasters can produce. There have been people left homeless, stranded and many people have lost everything. There is always a bit of hype surrounding this kind of thing and it seems that wherever we turn, we are completely consumed by Cyclone Debbie … More Soak Up The Goodness!

Review Your Priorities!

Do you ever feel like you can barely cope with everything going on in your life? That if another person or commitment asks for a part of you that you are going to scream? I think that at some point in everyone’s lives they experience an overwhelming sense of ‘it’s all too much’, thinking they … More Review Your Priorities!

The Power Of Memories!

There is nothing that can bring back the cancer memories more than the regular post-cancer check- up. Of course life goes on after cancer, but it definitely still lives with you in many ways. Regular check-ups to see that you still have the ‘all clear’ become routine. But with those check-ups all the emotions can … More The Power Of Memories!