Review Your Priorities!

Do you ever feel like you can barely cope with everything going on in your life? That if another person or commitment asks for a part of you that you are going to scream? I think that at some point in everyone’s lives they experience an overwhelming sense of ‘it’s all too much’, thinking they don’t know where to start or what to do or how to prioritise what is in their lives. I think it’s times like those that we really have to take a step back and acknowledge that life is possibly overloaded and start to prioritise the things that are most important. If we don’t, this is when our health can be compromised and when nasty things like cancer can appear.

When cancer rears its ugly head, it’s one of those things that you haven’t marked in the diary and it certainly throws all your short-term plans and ideas out the window. It is that unwelcomed friend who arrives on your doorstep. You think you are already at the maximum of what life can throw at you – trying to balance work, kids, mortgages etc. The extra unexpected burden of cancer can turn your world upside down in a way that can increase your stress levels beyond what you thought was imaginable before this.

Unfortunately, stress isn’t a great thing on a body already experiencing sickness so all these factors together can battling cancer even more concerning. I can’t emphasise how extremely important it is to take care of your mental health during cancer treatment for your body to have the potential to achieve the optimum results.

No one is more familiar with this than a wonderful lady I had the pleasure of meeting during the week, Barb Wood. She is the founder of an amazing organisation ‘Boob Buddies’ and is a beautiful lady who runs this not-for-profit organisation. Boob buddies provides free in-home professional counselling to help children and adults cope with the unseen emotional side-effect of cancer, a side-effect which could ultimately affect tumour development, spread and therefore survival.

The mission of boob buddies is to provide light in times of darkness, so that all children and adults, regardless of age, gender, race, or ethnicity, can find peace within and beyond their suffering. I really look forward to collaborating more with Barb over the years, to help people who are going through this incredibly tough time in their lives find their feet again.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from this service, I encourage you to forward them the Boob Buddies link.

I feel thrilled to share with you a brand today that holds many of my beliefs for breastless women. Review Australia design collections with authenticity and individuality, but most importantly they design garments with love and character, hoping to make each and every woman feel beautiful and special. Review may have been founded over 25 years ago, but they are still the destination for women wanting fun and feminine fashion and this includes fashion for beautiful breastless women. They have just started a sale so see what you can find.

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Have a wonderful week.

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I am breastless and beautiful.

Love, Gen x