Soak Up The Goodness!

The past week has seen some of the horrendous weather conditions that natural disasters can produce. There have been people left homeless, stranded and many people have lost everything. There is always a bit of hype surrounding this kind of thing and it seems that wherever we turn, we are completely consumed by Cyclone Debbie and her aftermath. But what has been beautiful to see through these times of struggle is the amount of people who are willing to lend a hand to those in need. I have witnessed first-hand the outpourings of help across the community with people offering to come to the aide of complete strangers. This selflessness is remarkable and commendable. It’s times like these that we re-evaluate and appreciate all that we have in our lives.

There would be no better time than now to introduce a lady to you who has been a follower of Leave Me Breastless (LMB). Tamra is a beautiful lady who has just recently gone through breast cancer. She began following LMB from the beginning and we have been in contact via email over this time. She has been excited to share with me things that she has found in fashion and I love the idea that we can collaborate and help each other find fashion post mastectomy. Not only are we ‘not alone’ on our journey but our options can be further extended by sharing new ideas with each other.

Tamra reached out to me a few weeks ago when I lost my Gran to see if I needed anyone to write a blog for me while I perhaps didn’t feel quite up to it. Wow – what a kind and thoughtful gesture that was!! While it seemed that words just kept pouring from me during that time of need, I did love the idea of sharing more than just my perspective on the cancer journey and I welcomed her input.

So next week I will be sharing with you a blog post entry from Tamra. I am hoping that from time to time I can share with you more than just my journey and perspective on dressing post mastectomy and together, we can all work to help each other feel breastless and beautiful.

Today I share with you some clothing from Myer brand Piper who offer effortless everyday fashion for the confident, free-spirited woman. They discover the key pieces that make for a flawless wardrobe. Piper quite often use a combination of pattern and detail which work perfectly for flat chested women. The added bonus is that they are on sale at the moment so check them out – I’m sure you’ll fine something that suits your taste.

Piper Bruised Polyester Top

Piper Dress Cold Shoulder Print


Piper Off The Shoulder Dress

Piper Paisley Top

Piper Pleat Detail Dress

Piper Top with Ruffle Basque

Some old Piper Favourites

Have a wonderful week.


I am breastless and beautiful.

Love, Gen x