Beautiful Lingerie Can Still Be A Part Of Your Wardrobe!

As I mentioned last week, this beautiful lady Tamra Marment is my guest blogger for the week. Please enjoy her insightful piece…

Having had D or DD breasts my entire life, I had always enjoyed shopping for and wearing beautiful lingerie. Here I am when I got married and before I lost my hair.

When I first lost my breasts I assumed that my days of indulging in and enjoying pretty lingerie where over. I am happy to report that this is not the case. In fact, beautiful pieces of intimate apparel give me a great sense of being feminine. Feeling feminine can take a more effort these days without my long curly hair and my D cup breasts 😊 . I admit it takes a lot longer these days to find a great piece that not only looks great, feels beautiful and actually fits – however thought I would share this great Lace Bustier from Seed Heritage.

Just because I no longer have breasts, doesn’t mean I no longer wish to feel feminine. Our “feelings” actually come from our brains, not our bodies. So my boobs are gone (and at times my hair & my eyelashes & my eyebrows too) however being female, wanting to feel pretty, attractive and desired has not changed. Whilst my physical features have changed – my femininity has not.

I was very grateful to take my closest girlfriend with me the first time I attempted lingerie shopping post mastectomy. With love and gentle prodding she persuaded me to try some pieces on, gave me great tips – like “try the teenage section” and gave honest and encouraging feedback on all the pieces I tried. Also, the ladies in David Jones who are trained in fitting Mastectomy Bras were also incredibly helpful selecting pieces that they felt would work.

Some tips I’ve learnt to find a great fit:-

Choose soft delicate fabrics that will not rub your scars or radiation damaged tissue and skin.
Check the “cup” to see if it will stretch to a flat position and leave not too much puckering where your breasts once lived.
The teenage section can offer great choices.
A bit of “length” helps the crop stay in place and not “ride up”.
A pretty cami or laced singlet can look and feel just as feminine as a traditional bra.
Never buy a piece that doesn’t feel perfectly comfortable in the change room …… you will never wear it!!!!

For my recent birthday, that girlfriend gave me a bundle of girly treats; A gorgeous deluxe body wash and matching moisturiser, a new lipstick and this beautiful crop (oh, and some coffee pods – to keep me awake long enough to share all these things with my husband 😉) ……..

“I cannot control what has happened to me, I can only control my attitude & how I react” – Tamra xo

Here are some other gorgeous finds that Tamra has shared with me over the last 6 months. She looks amazing in these garments and I am truly blessed to have her share her thoughts with Leave Me Breastless.

Have a wonderful week.

I am breastless and beautiful.

Love, Gen xx